Visual Redress Collection

Remembering members of the university community who passed during the covid-19 pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic was met with fear, uncertainty, and anxiety. And with it came the loss of family members, partners, co-workers, best friends. The loss of life and the pain caused by this devastating pandemic can never be quantified. This is true for Stellenbosch, South African and indeed for every corner of the globe.

In the context of the broader university community of Stellenbosch University (SU) – our students, staff, and members of our local communities – the effect of the pandemic remains painfully visible.

This commemorative artwork over the SU Library Bridge – a bridge that connects the walkways of the rooiplein – takes the form of a guard of honour. At night the arches are lit up giving full effect to this symbol of remembrance. The crossing of the bridge further adds to the symbolism of departing, saying goodbye and (re-)connecting.

When walking through the arches and whilst crossing the bridge, we pay homage to those who walked our campuses and who passed on during the Covid-19 pandemic. We honour and remember their legacies and stories. And we re-member those who played a significant role in our lives and in our community.